Anna Holmes, Author
Anna Holmes, Author
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Artwork by Jason Nguyen 2019


The Rosalian Legion made him a weapon. The Queen of Elyssia made him her Prince Consort. What he makes of himself is yet to be seen.

Caelin is Queen. The nation has settled into a more certain peace in the year since her coronation- until the night of her eighteenth birthday. A masked intruder interrupts her ball to take Alain captive, but before she gets the chance, his magic backfires. The only things investigating the phenomenon make clear: the abundant power at Alain’s disposal is not natural, and it is barely under his control.

As the magical energy festers inside him, Rosalian actors move in secret to secure the resources suspected in his modification. An envoy has issued a threat barely disguised as a request for negotiation. Caelin faces mounting pressure to focus her energies on a potentially violent solution. To ward off more war and to save Alain’s life, they take off on one more mad dash across the island to try to reconstruct what the Legion wreaked on him- before he’s lost to them for good.

Volume Two of the Ember of Elyssia Quartet!


After the treaty is signed, the real fight for the soul of their nation begins. This time, they fight together. 

The war is over. The island of Elyssia has been freed from the clutches of the Rosalian Legion, power restored to the island's monarchy. However, after leading the Resurgence from the front, Princess Caelin now finds herself sitting and waiting more often than not. When magical prodigy Alain Flynn breaks into her palace to kidnap her, she hears of a secret slave camp—and, after thwarting the attempt, she forms a plan. Under the guise of a successful kidnapping, she will investigate the camp, expose the secrets, and take control of the fate of her kingdom. 

The first volume of the Ember of Elyssia Quartet. For fans of The Winner's Trilogy and the Throne of Glass series.


about The Author

Anna Holmes has been making up stories since she was too young to spell. Her debut novel, Ember, is available through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing and in paperback. Visit the store! 

Anna has held many strange jobs, including teaching high schoolers how to outwit the SAT, polishing boots and lacing corsets, and what a friend described once as "being a library elf". She lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with her husband and two spoiled cats. 


You can contact the author via email or social media. All trolls will be devoured, digested, and regurgitated. 

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