Exploring the World of Ember




The Princess of Elyssia, destined to become Queen Regnant. Caelin championed the Resurgence during the civil war, to free her people from the imperial control of the power-hungry Rosalian Legion. Now that she has freed a nation, she must learn how to lead it.


A will-caster, a magician whose magical power comes from his strength of will. Born in Elyssia, Alain joined the side of the Rosalian Legion during the civil war, in an effort to protect Elyssia from the constraints of monarchy. He was thrown in prison due to his actions against the crown.



A centaur and bounty-hunter, Tressa tracks down war criminals who have evaded capture. She faces constant discrimination for her appearance but does her best to remain focused, dutiful, and lighthearted.


A Legion sergeant and Alain's lover, Jori fell tragically during the war's final battle. During the war, she worked on a classified alchemical project.




The Island of Elyssia

A nation whose people have, over long generations, become tinged with the natural elements of the world. Here, seafolk, earthfolk, shadowfolk, and others are governed by the Elyssian monarchy, recently restored after being taken over for ten years by the Rosalian Legion.

The Rosalian Legion

A mainland empire, ruled by the Archon and Council of Kings, constantly seeking to bring other nations under its protection and governance. During a period of dissent and chaos, the Island of Elyssia welcomed the stability of the Legion, before it was ultimately ousted during the civil war.