Spark is now available for preorder! It will be available on Amazon and online retailers like Barnes & Noble on April 19th! Please get the hype out for this exciting second installment! The whole team here is so proud.

Anna Holmes
Spark Preview

The cover is in the works starting today, the editors are editing, arrangements for formatting and marketing are getting arranged, and as promised, we’re releasing the back copy this very morning! Without further ado, the plot of Spark (with mild spoilers for Ember):

The Rosalian Legion made him a weapon. The Queen of Elyssia made him her Prince Consort. What he makes of himself is yet to be seen.

Caelin is Queen. The nation has settled into a more certain peace in the year since her coronation- until the night of her eighteenth birthday. A masked intruder interrupts her ball to take Alain captive, but before she gets the chance, his magic backfires. The only things investigating the phenomenon make clear: the abundant power at Alain’s disposal is not natural, and it is barely under his control.

As the magical energy festers inside him, Rosalian actors move in secret to secure the resources suspected in his modification. An envoy has issued a threat barely disguised as a request for negotiation. Caelin faces mounting pressure to focus her energies on a potentially violent solution. To ward off more war and to save Alain’s life, they take off on one more mad dash across the island to try to reconstruct what the Legion wreaked on him- before he’s lost to them for good.

There’s so much more on the way, including more Facebook and Twitter giveaways and the reveal of the afore-mentioned cover. Preorders go live on January 25th at Sample chapters will also be available soon. Stay tuned! 

Anna Holmes

The sequel to Ember is entering its final revisions, which means new announcements coming soon, including cover reveal, release date, and eARC opportunities. It also means sale prices for Ember and a few giveaways through Facebook and Twitter.

Set a year after the events of Ember, Spark is a new adventure for Caelin and Alain. The new Queen’s duties include less swordplay and more diplomacy, until a mysterious intruder crashes a ball and the Prince Consort’s magic begins behaving in more concerning unexpected ways. Old friends and enemies return and new ones surface. Expanded worldbuilding! More horses! Occasional humor!

The full synopsis will be posted here on January 15th.

Anna Holmes
Ingram Engine!

The book is now available through Ingram as well as CreateSpace, meaning that it is possible—and more likely!—for the book to begin appearing in bookstores and libraries. #tooreal

Anna Holmes
Books Available Now!

After much anticipation, Ember is finally available! You can buy it here, at CreateSpace, and on Kindle! It will be available through within a few days.